What’s Trending In My Wardrobe: Lace

Something that is a must-have in my wardrobe is Lace.

I have a huge amount of Lacy skirts and tops (tshirts, 3/4 sleeve tops).

I love the way that lace really dresses up an outfit.  It is perfect for day and night, so that means I can go straight from work to an outing without having to change my outfit too much.

Here are a few of my favourite lace looks from my wardrobe:

This one has lace gloves. The white blouse also has a lacy collar (traditional lace, like handmade, because it is true Vintage).

IMG_2313IMG_2347 IMG_2462  10931346_10153049735249185_1558931944745551431_n SDC12700 SDC12780 SDC13017 IMG_0046IMG_3298

Which one is your favourite look?

Am I a bit too obsessed with lace?


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