Right or Wrong? Girls Asking Out Guys.

A week ago I wrote about my adventures with Online Dating.

Last night I went out to a social swing dance and I met this really nice guy.  He is visiting from the USA on business and is leaving Auckland for Dunedin and then going back home to the US.

We instantly clicked, we danced together for ages and then just before I was about to leave I asked him if he wanted to have dinner.

People have many different views on what is the ‘right’ way to get asked out or whether a girl should ask a guy out.

I have no problem asking a guy out.  If I like a guy enough I normally think that there’s nothing to lose and I might as well ask him out anyway.

People I’ve talked to have either said:

1) That girls shouldn’t ask out guys because it makes them seem desperate.

2) That girls shouldn’t ask out guys because it is the guys job to ask out a girl.

3) That girls should ‘plant’ the idea into a guys head – I guess asking guys out in a way that makes them ask you out…???

4) That a girl should just flirt and flirt until the guy finally asks her out. Only problem with this is that sometimes guys don’t know whether you are flirting with them.

Personally I think that it is great if a girl can gather the confidence to ask out a guy.  It isn’t easy, because it is typically seen as a guys job to ask out a girl.  It is nerve wracking – I was so worried he’d say no..but then I thought, ‘hey..I’ll never see him again anyway if he says no!’.  I can see why guys can sometimes get nervous asking out girls.

I’m probably going to take a break from dating after meeting this guy anyway.

What are your thoughts on girls asking out guys?


5 thoughts on “Right or Wrong? Girls Asking Out Guys.

    1. Me too. I think a lot of people are still like — is it too forward? Or they see it as a ‘guys job’. I hate that! When I tell my friends that I asked him (or other guys) out, they look at me like ‘whatt??’. Haha

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