Clémence Poésy Street Style

Clemence Poesy has great street style.  I remember when she was in Harry Potter.  Man, I loved those movies and books.  I pretty much grew up with the series.  Anyway, here are some of my favourite Clemence Poesy looks.

Clemence Poesy in Chanel

Clémence Poésy

clemence poesy

Clemence Poesy

Clemence Poesy

clemence poesy

I have always really liked the skinny jeans and boots look (something I have liked for years actually).  But I like the skinny jeans and brogues/oxford type shoes/loafer look.  Especially with cropped jeans or pants. So I really like pictures 1,2 and 4.

Picture 1 is such an easy look to pull off:

Simply get a pair of light blue skinnies, low ankle boots or loafers a black t shirt and white jacket.  For me I would use a black jacket/boyfriend blazer, but that is because that is what I have in my wardrobe at the moment!

Clemence Poesy Street Style Look

All looks (except for the first one) are from Pinterest.  Click here to see the board.


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