7 Ways To Banish Stress

Stress is something that can slowly take over your life.  Last year I was working in a very stressful school (for the past two years).  Luckily I managed to ‘escape’ and get a job at a smaller school.  Since there was a lot of stress involved at my last school I had to come up with some ways to de-stress and fight of any potential stressfulness.

A lot of people commented on my laidback and easygoing attitude (both at my last school and my new school) and so I thought I’d put together a list of ways that I banish stress.

If you feel stress coming:

1) Read a book, relax or watch some TV.

It is so important to have a ‘quiet time’.  It helps me to recharge my batteries and then I can get started on work that needs to be done.

2) I make a list of the things I need to accomplish.

I get the bigger jobs done first and then worry about the smaller jobs.  When I see it written down I find that there isn’t actually that much to do.  I can prioritize.

3) I only work for an extra hour after school finishes.

I know that doesn’t seem long.  Many teachers are at school for hours after school is out.  If I have a ‘leaving time’ I find that I get a lot more accomplished than if I don’t have a ‘leaving time’.  I work more competently when there is a set time.

4) I blog.

Blogging is something I love.  Writing has always been something I have enjoyed.  While I love teaching, fashion blogging is something I enjoy doing in my own time.

5) I don’t take work home.

This year I make sure that I do no work at home on the weekends or after school (unless it is something I have to do like reports or making some resources).  I’m enjoying having more time to myself and being able to meet up with friends more often.  It is so important to have a work/life balance and sometimes with teaching it is hard to get away from all that extra stuff you have to do.

6) I make sure I am calm.

I know that sometimes it feels like work never ends.  In meetings we are told about all these things that we have to do and it can get stressful.  I think that it is so much better to take a few deep breathes and make yourself calm because it can be so easy to stress and then be in a big rush to get things done.

7) I listen to music.

Music is something I have always loved.  It helps me think clearly.  Singing along to music also helps!

Stress? Aint Nobody got time fo dat!  Stress

Who else has some tips for de-stressing?


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