My New Favourite Chinese Restaurant

I love Chinese food.  Today my Mum, Dad and I went to a Chinese restaurant after my Mum and I got our hair cut.  We are both pixie chicks.  I don’t think I’d ever go back to long hair because I love short hair so much!

We found this amazing Chinese/Taiwanese restaurant called ATT Restaurant on Lorne Street in Auckland Central.

Here are our meals:

I got Egg Fried Rice:


My Dad got Pork Meatballs with Noodle Soup:


And my Mum got Dumpling and Noodle Soup:


We also got some of my favourites – Spring Rolls and a Chocolate Milk Tea.  I haven’t had Chocolate Milk Tea since I went to China – it’s as good as I remember!


Here’s my haircut..I asked for a more Audrey Hepburn style cut this time (I always take a picture with me to show my hairdresser exactly what I want).

I go to this hairdresser called Jin+Jen Hair Salon on Lorne Street in Auckland.  It’s a really cheap Korean hairdresser (only about $35.00 per cut which is pretty good).

I really suggest going there because they tell you whether a cut would suit you or not and they also adapt a cut to make it more suitable for you.


Sorry, it’s not the best picture…my Mum took the picture and just pointed the camera and clicked…:D


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