Pictures That Are Worth 1000 Words.

Here are some pictures I found that are worth 1000 words.

There will be more at a later date.

1) Cops in NZ

NZ Cops are pretty nice.  Most of them are easy going but they get the job done (of course, this opinion is all based off Police Ten 7.  One of my favourite reality shows).

The only time I found a cop I didn’t like was after the Rugby World Cup win in 2011.  All my friends got a high five from a cop, but he just left me hanging.  I was like ‘ohh :'(‘.

I laugh about it now.

2) Old people

Image result for cute old people

Old people are young people stuck in an old persons body.  Make sense?

3) Celebration kiss in Times Square, NY.

Sailor George Mendonsa celebrates the end of World War II by kissing Greta Zimmer Friedman, who he thought was a nurse, in New York City's Times Square. A blogger says, based on a 2005 interview with Friedman, the iconic kiss fits the description of sexual assault.

I love this photo… It tells of the celebration of war being over.

However, it recently came to my attention that someone (a blogger) claimed that this was a form of sexual assault.

‘Assault by modern standards’

In her blog, Leopard cites a 2005 interview with Friedman conducted by the Veteran’s History Project of the Library of Congress about the kiss between strangers. In the interview, Friedman says she was “grabbed by a sailor” and that she “felt that he was very strong. He was just holding me tight.”

“It seems pretty clear, then, that what George had committed would be considered sexual assault by modern standards. Yet, in an amazing feat of willful blindness, none of the articles comment on this,” Leopard wrote in the blog post. “Without a single acknowledgement of the problematic nature of the photo that her comments reveal, they continue to talk about the picture in a whimsical, reverent manner.”

– The above section is from this blog:


Friedman said that there was no problem:

“There is just no way that there was anything bad about it,” she said. “It was all good news, the best news we’d had for a number of years.”

Mendonca said he was just happy he didn’t have to return to war and was grateful for all the work that the nurses had done.

What do you think?

4) Losing your ice cream…

…to a bird.

What a great story to tell.

‘Today, I bought an ice cream…it got stolen…by a bird’.

Nobody would believe you.  But then you come across proof.

5) Do I need to even explain this one?


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