Spongebob Squarepants and Outfit of the Day

I got these amazing, awesome, totally fun socks a few years ago when I went to China.  I haven’t really worn them that much because they are bright yellow and I normally wear blue or black socks.

Anyway, I actually bought them as a gift for a friend who was obsessed with Spongebob (I got her Spongebob jandals for her birthday once).  But, I decided that I liked them so much that I needed to keep them for myself.

I guess when they wear out I’ll have to go to China to buy some more 😉


Sah cayoot.

I showed them to my students (they are ages 5-6) and they were like:

‘Can I have them?’.  ‘Where did you get them?’.  ‘Why do you have Spongebob Socks?’.

I think they only really know about Spongebob because of that movie that’s coming out/come out.

And here’s my outfit of the day:


I had another ‘dress for comfort’ day – I’m not too sure about this outfit…what do you think?

I’m getting sick, again.  I keep losing my voice this year…it’s horrendous.  I end up sounding like a man with a croaky voice.  A student asked me today: ‘do you have a frog in your throat?’.  I replied ‘No, because I don’t eat frogs’.  That got them so confused…they were trying to explain to me what they meant but I kept taking it literally…even though I knew exactly what they meant! Little kids are awesome to teach because you can joke around and laugh and they don’t think you’re weird! 😀

So,  I wore my new Just Jean jeans (which I think might be a little too baggy for this particular outfit.  I wore a long-sleeved v-neck blouse from Boohoo (I got it because I like the colour and it isn’t too heavy – it’s more of a chiffon-y type material). I wore a black singlet under my top.  My Chelsea boots are from a shop in Milford Village – can’t remember the name.  I call them my sneak shoes because they don’t ‘clip clop’ like normal heels (because the soles are rubber) so no one ever hears me walking along (unless it’s raining..in which case I squelch).

Have a good weekend everyone!  I’m lying tucked up in bed with a cup of Tea and a bikkie now.

Going to watch netflix now.


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