My Favourite Shopping Bag

I have a bag designated for shopping trips.  It’s a handbag that can fit all my necessities for a day out at the shops.  I got it last year at Christmas for about 40% off!  A bargain.  It ended up being only $67.00 NZ.  It’s from a shop called Fibre (which, if you are from Auckland, can be found at Milford Mall).

It’s bright red leather and it has a shoulder strap and handles.  I like bags with shoulder straps and handles because I can choose how I would like to hold the bag.

I normally take sunglasses, a cardie, mints, purse, phone and lip balm.  If I buy anything small I tuck it into this bag.


Does anyone else have a bag just for shopping?


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Shopping Bag

  1. I know what you mean, every woman has to have a bag to fit everything in that is essential to life. I don’t think men understand the necessity of that bag. Love the red color.

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    1. I know, when I showed my dad he was like ‘do you really need another bag?’. Men just don’t understand LOL 😀 Thanks, I’ve been looking out for a red bag for years!


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