My Favourite Sunglasses

I bought the most beautiful pair of sunglasses at Schipol Airport last year.  They were my first pair of really expensive, good UV sunglasses.

It took me ages choosing between a pair of Chanel and Gucci sunnies.  I chose the Gucci ones because they were the shape and size I wanted.  A lot of the other ones were too big and didn’t suit my face very well.  Luckily the shop assistant was very helpful and actually told the truth – the pair he said looked best were cheaper than the Chanel ones – so he wasn’t just trying to sell the most expensive ones.  Thank G for honest shop assistants!

I liked the Gucci ones because they have gold lines throughout them in a criss-cross look. They are more of a wayfarer look.


I’m so proud of these sunglasses (LOL).  I don’t take them to work though, because knowing my students they would probably see them sitting on my desk and would decide to try them on.   They’re the sort of sunnies I would wear if I know there is no chance of them getting broken.

I was really disappointed I didn’t get a bag at the Airport…I was looking for a good leather bag but decided I’d wait until I got to Abu Dhabi…got there and the same bag was about $200 more expensive…waited until I got to Sydney..they didn’t accept Euros.  I got back to Auckland and was so annoyed because I should have just got the one I saw in Schipol!

Who else has a favourite pair of sunnies?


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Sunglasses

  1. Love the glasses almost Grace Kelly in look. Shame about the bag but we have all done the same thing, waited instead of impulse buying.

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