Pepitos Bar – Celebration Time and Makeup Look

My brother graduated with Honours (in history) today (he did his Bachelors, so this is one of his post grad degrees – as he graduated with post grad in Secondary School Teaching about 6 years ago).  I’m so proud of him.

For a celebration we went to Pepitos Bar in Milford.  It’s a Spanish Tapas Bar – it is so nice there.  The Churros are excellent. I highly recommend going there if you live in Auckland, NZ.  They are also opening a new one in Union Street, Auckland City (I think it’s on Union..).

I drank 2 big glasses of Sangria…probably not the best thing to do on a work night…but who cares!

Luckily I managed to get home early though, so I won’t be too tired tomorrow.

Here’s my makeup look for tonight – so the photo quality isn’t the best!

I used my LA Colors eyeliner pen – it’s so good and easy to apply.

I did a thick line of eyeliner on the top lid close to the eyelashes.  I always leave my bottom lid bare because that’s how I like it – putting eyeliner on the waterline on the bottom lid also makes your eyes look smaller.

Then I put white and beige eyeshadow over the whole lid and then put some charcoal colour close to the eyeliner line and on the crease.  I then blended the colours together.

I added a bit of mascara and the look was done.

I just wanted a simple, no fuss look for tonight that is easy to apply and wash off.

IMG_4095IMG_4096  IMG_4097 IMG_4098 IMG_4099

What’s your go to easily created makeup look for a dinner out?


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