Weekend – OOTD and the Beach

Yesterday I went up to ‘the bach’ (what I call my place).  At the moment I am making the finishing touches – or rather, my dad is – so that I can get it rented out, get my mortgage down (mum and dad are kindly letting me stay at their home) and book flights to Europe.

I’m still undecided as to where I want to go – Netherlands or UK – but I thought I’d book flights to whatever place is cheapest to fly to and then if I need to, buy a ticket for a connecting flight to whatever city I need to get to.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  Here are some photos of my humble abode (yip, totally stole that from Pride and Prejudice – thank you Mr Collins).


My kitchen/lounge.  I (well, actually my dad) cut down the wall between the kitchen and the lounge.  It used to be a pokey little kitchen (really dim and dreary).  The bay window also helps to light up the whole lounge area too.  I don’t have a table because I just wanted to have a bar bench as the table.  The lounge would also be really squished if there was a table in there too.

I like the minimalist look for houses.  For mine I have painted the walls and cupboards white.  I also tiled in the kitchen and shower/bathroom with a silvery colour tile.  The curtains are also silver.  The furnishings are mostly black.  So black, white and a hint of silver.  I think keeping it minimalist helps the place to stay tidy and it always looks clean!

IMG_4074 IMG_4078 IMG_4079 IMG_4084 IMG_4085

The above photos are from Stanmore Bay.  I normally walk a different direction along the beach, but this time I decided to walk the other way for a change.  This way was a bit more rocky and there are cliffs.   There was someones rickety staircase down to the beach – I’m glad I don’t have to walk down a cliff to to the beach.

Today my mum and dad went down to a place called Morrinsville.  It’s pretty much out in the wops (middle of nowhere).  Mum’s friend owns a little farm (she has a couple of pigs and some cows).  I decided not to go this time because this persons place is an absoloute tip – like it hasn’t been cleaned in months (possibly years).  Last time I went the floor was all crumby – like food had been dropped on there (e.g. bread) and never picked up.  The bathroom sink had dead flies in it.  I couldn’t cope.

So, I decided to drive to Albany Mall (which is the worst mall ever) because I couldn’t be bothered driving all the way to the city.  When I was there I window shopped.  I’m trying to save, so I only hit the sale racks and bought a jacket thing. It literally is a jacket thing – I have no other way to explain what it is. It looks like a jacket (has a suit jacket cut) but it is not of the material a jacket is usually made out of.  It’s like a meshy kind of jacket.  Ugh, I give up trying to explain what it is.

What I wore today:


Jeans: Just Jeans.

Boots: Vintage from Savemart (I just got them resoled for $60 because I wore them out last year!!! So expensive just for a resoling).

Top: Lacy top from Pagani.

Bag: Beaded bag I got for Christmas ages ago.

Sunnies: Paddington Market, Melbourne.

I’m loving this top – it’s lacy AND unfortunately it has a little hole in it.. Guess I should try to fix it but my lazy level today is at an all time high!

Over the next few months I am going to go through my wardrobe and sell off any dresses and clothes I no longer need.  Better call a wambulance.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I did!


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