Skinny Love – The Impact of Pro Mia and Pro Ana Sites

Something I am constantly disgusted about is the presence of Pro Mia and Pro Ana sites on the internet.

These sites should be discouraged and should be blocked because the impact they have on young, naive children, teenagers and even adults is immense.

Anorexia and bulimia are two mental illnesses that I have personal connections with.  I have mentioned previously that my auntie suffered from anorexia for many years. I myself have other personal links to bulimia.

So many young boys and girls see that they are inadequate when they look in the mirror, when they look at friends and also the image is the ‘perfect body’ that the media portrays in magazines etc.

The internet has made the illnesses even more dangerous. With girls sharing their tips and tricks on how to lose weight fast, how to trick doctors at weigh ins and also how to be ‘strong’.

Even doing a quick quick google search you can find terrible quotes like:

“Losing weight is showing strength”.

“Don’t reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog”.

These people go on about how strong they are and how good they have been with restricting their food intake. It sickens me that these sights are not taken down as soon as they are put up.

It is not strength that these people have, it is a weakness.  It is easy enough saying ‘just eat’ or ‘just stop binging’. Easier said than done.

A pet peeve of mine is when people joke about eating disorders e.g. “just throw it back up”  when someone says they are full.

What’s even worse is when people say that people who are suffering from an Eating Disorder are just looking for attention.  What kind of person would willingly do that to their body if they were just looking for attention?

More attention and awareness needs to be raised about Eating Disorders.
What are your thoughts on pro Mia and pro ana sites?


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