Dream Of A Future Expat

I’ve wanted to work overseas since I left Uni and started teaching, however there are some steps that I wanted to take first.  In NZ we call at an OE (Overseas Experience).

Luckily I am a pretty good saver (when I’m not going through shopping phases).

I decided that I wanted to buy a house before I left so I spent a few years saving for that.  I wanted to get a place because I want to be able to move into my own place when I get home.  I’m going to rent it out in May so that I can start saving $.

I wanted to have some experience teaching.  That way I can get a job easily.  The more experience teaching the more people want to hire you!  It was so hard actually getting a job when I left Uni.  I got one a week before school let out for the holidays.

The reasons why I want to be an expat are:

– Meet new people (I don’t want to just hang out with Kiwis and Aussies – kind of defeats the purpose of going to work overseas).

– I would like to travel in Europe.  It is so expensive to get flights from NZ to Europe so I decided that it’s better that I live over there for a while so that I can spend a good amount of time in the summer holidays traveling around!

– It will be a good way to advance my career.  It can be hard advancing your career in teaching as the only step up is management (Syndicate leadership, Deputy or Associate Principal and Principal).  I don’t want to be in management as I would prefer to be an ‘expert’ a.k.a. Professional Development leader.  A lot of people I know who have come back from the UK or from International Schools have been seen as ‘experts’ and can get jobs being a PD leader.

– I just want to.

I have had a few people tell me I should wait until I’m older because I should be spending my twenties saving money.  But, the problem with that is that if I wait until I’m older it will be harder to go what with insurance, children etc.  Taking kids on holiday with you is expensive.  I’m single, young and free.  I want to spend my time before ‘settling down’ having fun traveling the world and being awesome!


13 thoughts on “Dream Of A Future Expat

  1. Do it while your young and able. My husband and I were seriously discussing it about two years ago, but now he is COO of a company and moving out of country would not be promising to his career. We are hoping to try again when his job is a bit more established and the kids are a little older to enjoy and take-in a year overseas.

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    1. Yeah, that’s why I decided that I’m just going to go. I’ve been waiting for a permanent position in Teaching for ages (so that I have a job held for me for when I get back!) – and have only always been given fixed term positions. I’m getting sick of waiting so I’m just going to go! Can’t wait. I have a countdown clock on my laptop 😀 It must be harder to travel with little kids too!

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  2. Do it! Don’t wait! I moved to China almost four years ago now – best decision I ever made. I originally wanted to have a job to go back to but my school wouldn’t hold my job for me. It turned out that I didn’t need it anyway, as my initial two year contract has somehow turned into four years and I’ve just signed up for a fifth year. If you need any hints or tips, feel free to ask!

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    1. I’m booking my flights in about a month – I don’t want to miss out on cheap flights! 😀 It’s so exciting – the thought of being overseas next year and adventuring around! 😀 Yeah, I’m getting sick of waiting for school to offer me a permanent possie so that they can hold the job for me – so I’ve decided I’m just going to go.
      That’s pretty good of your school to keep contracting you on – makes it so much easier so you don’t have to keep looking for a job 🙂
      Thank you so much for offering to help!

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      1. Have you found a job yet? I can recommend a couple of good websites if you’d like? International schools often provide an allowance for flights, so it might be worth waiting on the flights 🙂

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      2. Nope – If I end up going to the UK I’m going to go through Point to Point Education (they offer full time positions only!) but I would really like to work at an international school. Some websites would be great thanks! Thanks for letting me know – I’ll wait now, before booking flights 🙂

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