My 8 Favourite Books

I am an avid reader.  When I was at High School, the librarian let me take out extra books because I was an avid reader and I pretty much stayed in the library most lunches and morning teas.  Mainly because my friends weren’t very good friends anymore and I needed an escape from everything that was going on.

Here is my list of my 5 favourite books (these may include series because, to be honest, it is so hard to choose one book out of a series!):

1)  The Shopaholic Series (in particular: Shopaholic to the Stars, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties the Knot and Shopaholic and Baby.

Reason:  They are hilarious and always make me laugh!  I love reading them because I can see myself as Becky.

2) The Harry Potter Series.

Reason:  I grew up with these books – we would buy one book and then each have to read a chapter at a time because we would have fought over the books if we didn’t take turns.  It took a long time to get through the book (and sometimes I would read 2 chapters instead of 1), but it was worth it!

3) The Other Boleyn Girl – Phillipa Gregory.

Reason:  It’s just an interesting read.  I love historical fiction books.  Her other books, like The Favoured Child, are really good too.

4)  Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen.

Reason: This is my favourite Jane Austen book.  It is funny and sweet and everything I like in a book rolled into one! It was hard to choose between this one and Pride and Prejudice.

5) The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald.

Reason: I think The Great Gatsby is one of those books you either love or hate (or strongly dislike).  I had to read this for English class back in High School.  I had heard bad things about this book e.g. it was boring, it was weird and that I should just google what the book is about.  Needless to say, I ended up reading the whole thing and I absoloutely loved it!  It’s an amazing book that really explores how materialism can bring you down.

6) The Odyssey – Homer.

Reason:  Not many people would say their favourite book would be the Odyssey.  But I think that it is great.  Well, it’s not really a book, but still – it’s readable.  I had to read this for Classics in High School.  I had also heard that it was terrible.  However, it was amazing to read a book that is so old. It wasn’t actually as bad as I thought it was going to be.

7) Aristophane’s Plays.

Reason:  I couldn’t choose one.  The plays are hilarious and really made me laugh.  I particularly like The Wasps and The Frogs.  The dodginess was so awkward.  I had to read this for Classics in 7th Form – and even after all these years I still find these plays funny.  I remember the teacher trying to explain what certain things meant and he’d go bright red because it was really dodgy – in the end he stopped trying to explain things.

8)  A Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare.

Reason:  While this isn’t really a book, the play is still entertaining to read.  I actually last read it a few years ago and have been meaning to re-read it again, however it is hard to find time!


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