What I Wore Today

This morning I went shopping (yes, I know I have previously stated I am taking a break from shopping, but I needed a new pair of jeans because all my other pairs have stretched because of the amount of elastic in them! This time I bought slightly more expensive jeans that will hopefully last longer!).

I find it really weird shopping.  The sizes vary so much and it is hard to find a pair of jeans that fit properly.  At one shop, with more reliable jean brands e.g. Levis etc I am a size 8  – this is the shop that is slightly more expensive.  At another shop (a ‘cheaper’ shop but the prices are still high) the denim has more elastic and the sizes are wacky! I am neither a 6 or 8.  The 8 is huge and the 6 is too tight everywhere.  The 8 fits the legs properly but the waist is too big.  Luckily the more ‘reliable’ shop has standard sizes and different waist and length sizes.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing!

This afternoon I went to my Oma’s birthday party.  I ate too much (I love sausage rolls) but I don’t care!

Here’s what I wore today:


Dress: From Domburg, Zeeland, Netherlands.  It has little owls all over it! I’m a Potterhead, so when I saw this I had to get it!

Shoes: Suede brown boots from New Look.

Jacket: Glamorous.

Bag:  Ladies Market, Hong Kong.  I wasn’t going to get this bag, but when I was walking away from the stall I felt like I was being pulled back to the bag, so I had to get it!


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