New Glasses!

The other day I went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked.  I’ve had glasses since I was ten, but only for reading and visual stuff.

I got a new pair of glasses when I was 17 (2007) and have had them ever since.  I decided it was time for a new pair.  $500 later and no regrets!

My new glasses are so different to my old ones.  My old ones had a thicker frame and were square-ish.  My new ones have a thinner frame and are slightly bigger.  It’s taking some getting used to!

I’m glad I have two pairs of glasses with the same prescription in them.  Whenever I left my glasses at work I’d have to wear the ones from when I was ten (which are not as strong…they are now slightly blurry as the prescription is wrong!).  Now I don’t have to worry about leaving my glasses at work!

I’ve got a picture here of my new and old glasses.  Which ones do you like the best?

Oldies but goldies.

I have quite a little head (LOL), not strangely tiny, but small.  Ok, I’m not making it sound any better, so I’ll just leave it at that.  So, since my head is smallish glasses always look quite big.

The only problem with the new ones is that the nose pad bits do make indentations on my nose.  But since I don’t need to wear them all the time the indents will fade.

The old ones are made of plastic, so the nose pad bit doesn’t exist! That is what I like about them, it’s just a ‘bridge’.  The only problem with them is that they started to slide down my nose all the time since the arms were always stretching (from age).


7 thoughts on “New Glasses!

    1. Haha, the new ones are taking some getting used to. My old ones were really wide and didn’t suit my face so much anymore, since I’ve lost a little bit of weight and my face is a bit skinnier than it was before! lol.


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