My Flight Essentials

I love carry on bags.  They are perfect for either long- or short-haul.

When I went to Holland last year, I got a new carry on bag.  It could fit so much in it!  I used to just take a messenger/satchel type bag, but I found that I couldn’t fit that much in them.

The essentials that I pack in a carry-on bag are:

1) A Cardie. 

Planes can be quite cold and it’s always a good idea to take a cardie or zip up jumper that is easy to take on/off and is small enough to tuck back into your bag when the plane lands.  I find it gets really annoying have to carry round jumpers or jackets that don’t fit in my bag!

2) Moisturiser and Hand cream.

Hand cream is something I cannot live without.  I hate how planes make my skin so dry.  Moisturiser is important as it keeps your skin hydrated.

3) Socks.

I get really cold feet.  I normally wear flight socks anyway (to keep the circulation going in your legs – blood clots are so easy to get when sitting in one place for ages etc).

4) Bobby Pins.

Even though I have really short hair, I normally carry bobby pins with me just in case my hair decides to go disgusting.  It’s good to get those fringey bits out of your face!

5) A book (or 2).

Who knows what could happen? Your plane could be diverted or delayed.  You need some sort of entertainment for when your waiting.  Shopping only lasts so long.

6) Notebook and pen.

I love to write, so I always take a notebook and pen with me.  I find that it’s a good way for me to waste time after I have had enough of sleeping and watching movies on the plane.

7) Small shampoo and deodorant.

If an airport has showering facilities, use them.  I made the mistake of not showering at Sydney airport after I got of a 13 hour flight from Abu Dhabi (and before that a 6 hour flight from Amsterdam).  By the time I got back to NZ I felt disgusting (and I’m pretty sure my hair did too).  I have learnt from my mistake and I will now shower if there are showers available.

8) Breath Mints.

I do use the toothpaste and toothbrush given to us on flights, but it is also important to have breath mints just in case.

This is my new carry-on bag:

travel bag

I chose this bag because it is quite spacious inside but can fit easily into the over head lockers.  It also has a small handheld strap and also a longer shoulder strap.  I normally squash my normal day bag into here so that I only have one bag to carry round airports and when I’m going to my hotel/hostel/motel.

I prefer having one bigger bag as a carry on so I don’t have to have so many bags.

It is also good as a weekend bag or a mini-holiday bag.  If I went to Sydney for a week, I’d just take that.  Shopping is good in Sydney so I probably wouldn’t take many clothes as I can just buy clothes there.

What are the top three things you can’t travel without?


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