One Day – Travel Dreams

travel dream

This picture really sums up everything.

For years my dream has been to travel and work overseas.  It has been put off for too long and I am going next year.  I graduated Uni in 2011 and have been working since 2012.  In order to make things easier for me when I return from my OE, I bought a house.  Hopefully the rent from the tenants will be enough to cover the mortgage repayments.

I am renting it out in May (most likely).

The reason why I want to go and work overseas is because I don’t want to get to e.g. 50 and be like ‘ugh, I knew I should have done that when I was in my 20s”.  You only have one life to live, so you need to make it the most amazing, awesome, memorable life ever.

There is such a small amount of time that you have just for yourself, before you move on to families, marriage and having kids (that is if you choose to, you may wish to be a bachelor/ette).  This small amount of time is for you.  Time for you to do what you want, not what others want or not having to make compromises.  It is a time when you only have to worry about yourself.

I love writing travel diaries and one day I would love to show and share those diaries with my children/grand-children.  They aren’t just travel diaries they are full of memories that you can go back and revisit.

When I went to the Netherlands last year, I wrote a diary.  This year I re-read it and spent so much time laughing at the weird things that happened to me.  For example, I saw an abundance of people wearing Adidas tracksuits (like what Sue wears in Glee) and white tennis shoes.

Here are some of my travel dreams:

-Kayaking at Dubrovnik and backpacking all around Croatia (first place on my travel list).

-Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– Go to Germany – I would love to see the remnants of the Berlin Wall, bike along the Mosel and eat enough Black Forest Cake (my fav type of cake) to last me a lifetime.

-Visit Greece.  This has been the place I’ve wanted to go to since I was little and my Opa asked me where I wanted to go.

-Italy, France, Sweden, the list goes on and on and on.

There are so many places to visit in Europe that it is hard to put them into one list.

-New York, New Orleans.

-Brazil, Cuba.

The world is too big to choose a top ten.

Do you have any places that you are dreaming of going to?


Have a read of my travel memory series: Phnom Penh and Ha Long Bay.


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7 thoughts on “One Day – Travel Dreams

  1. That sounds like a great plan! Where’re you going to work? I live and work in China, and the decision to move overseas to teach was the best one I’ve ever made. Good luck!

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    1. I’m thinking either the Netherlands or England. A lot of people seem to go to England to work though. So undecided – luckily they are in the same continent, so I can just extend flights if I need to. Netherlands because of the great international schools (if I manage to get a position in one) and because a lot of my family lives there (I don’t see them often). I love China. My brother used to teach in Shanghai and when we visited him in China I fell in love with the Bund and Xi’an. Thank you for your comment. I’m so excited about going!

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