Why I love to swing dance

Swing dancing is something I have just started to learn this year.  I love it so far.  It has been something I have wanted to do for many years, but I never had anyone to take.

I managed to convince my mum and dad to come along with me and I am surprised with how much they enjoy it.  We practise practically every night now and it is such good exercise.   It’s good because I am living at home, trying to save (for my OE next year – I’ve mentioned it before in an earlier post) and get my mortgage down.

Swing dancing is something that anyone can do.  Regardless of whether you have a partner to take along.  Everyone swaps partners during the lessons anyway.  And sometimes you are without a partner, which does not matter at all!

Swing dancing is fun.  It is so important to keep this type of dance alive.  I think it was something that was starting to die out until the magnificent Frankie Manning started to teach swing.  I may be wrong, but that is what I heard.

In the ‘old days’ dance halls would be full of people swing dancing.  Isn’t it funny how nowadays (at least in NZ) they don’t really have dances on weekends anymore.  A lot of my older friends/colleagues met their husbands/wives in dance halls.  Maybe that’s why I’m finding it so hard to find a boyfriend? 😀

Another reason why I like to swing dance is because of the new people I meet each time a new block of lessons starts.  It is such a good way to meet people.  We (the follows) have to hold hands with our lead (normally males), which is actually kind of weird at first because you don’t even know the people.  But after awhile you get used to it.  Normally I reserve hand holding for potentials (boyfriends, that is).

Have a look at this website to find out the History of Swing Dance – it is really quite interesting.


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