Shop till you drop – or not.

At the moment I am trying to avoid the temptation of clothes shopping.  It is so easy to buy things that you don’t need – even though I do have a ‘step’ system when I get to the shops to help me decide whether or not I really need that new pair of shoes.

However, sometimes I slip up and buy something I don’t need.

From today I am going to avoid the shops so that I can save money for my OE (overseas experience) next year.

I will only buy something that I really need.  For example, I really need a new pair of jeans.  My favourite jeans have finally worn out.

It is hard trying to avoid online shops too.  Especially since I have a 30% off voucher for an online shop that needs to be used by the 31st of this month.

Luckily I have an abundance of clothes – some of which I have forgotten about- and once I go through them all I’ll know exactly what I have.

Of course I can’t avoid the shops completely.  The other day I met up with a friend at the Takapuna Mall and we looked in some shops, but didn’t get anything because we are both trying to save.  Her for holiday shopping (she only buys clothes overseas when she is on holiday now, because quite often clothes overseas are cheaper than buying in NZ – which is also why I online shop) and me for my OE.

It’s actually really good having that extra bit of money in my account knowing that it is going towards something other than shopping.  It is really easy to spend and not really think about how much you are spending…especially with debit cards.

However, there is one shop I must go to = Smoove.  They have just opened a new, bigger, better shop in Ponsonby that I have to go to.  I don’t know if I’ll buy anything, but it can’t hurt to look, right?

Who else is trying to avoid shopping?


2 thoughts on “Shop till you drop – or not.

  1. Me! I’m on a makeup no buy. Also, I started to notice there were new clothes I hadn’t worn yet and I was still shopping. So now I’m forcing myself to ask the question do I really need it? My example is with jeans too. I was trying on a pair of gray jeans and they fit and I don’t have gray jeans at all! So I got it!

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