My Reality TV Weakness

My name is Katey and I am addicted to Reality TV.

It’s honestly a true story.  I love reality TV.  I don’t watch any of the Kardashian shows though.  My favourites are ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ (Atlanta and New York versions) and Bondi Rescue.

If it was a toss up between Piha Rescue (NZ) and Bondi Rescue (Aussie), I’d have to say Bondi.  Reason?  Do I need to give one?

Yes, I do.

I like Bondi because of the lifeguards there.  I’ve never even been to Bondi, but I plan on going soon.  It’s weird because I have been to Sydney about 3 times but never to Bondi.  Hmm.  Most of the lifeguards in Bondi Rescue are very good looking.. 😀  I think that this show is a bit more funny than Piha.

I do sometimes watch Piha Rescue.  I have been to Piha a lot and I have swum only a few times at that beach.  It is scary because there are never breaks between waves.  It’s a true wild West Coast beach.

Luckily we are taught at a very young age how to tell where rips are and how to get out of them…however, many people still drown.  Water Safety is essential because in Summer time a lot of Kiwis spend their time on, in and around the water (as a teacher I have had to spend a lot of time at Water safety sessions which means standing in the freezing cold water reenacting being stuck in a rip – not the best part of teaching tbh).

Having shows like Bondi and Piha Rescue really highlights the dangers of swimming and making sure you don’t go out of your depth.  Even the most calm beaches can be dangerous.

Meanwhile, shows like Say Yes To The Dress are great for those evenings after a hard days work.  They are completely relaxing.  Randy is hilarious and always makes me laugh.

Another reality show I like is ‘Next Top Model’.  From any country.  It’s really interesting because the girls get so catty towards each other and it is often easy to figure out which one will win.

I wonder if Next Top Model is really reality or if it is scripted reality.  It always makes me laugh when the girls clap in unison when they announce what the prize is.  Also the ‘wahoo’ moments seem really scripted too.  I mean how often do they need to yell? I get they are excited about being on the show, but do they need to scream when a famous guest judge is introduced?  But in saying that, I do love watching this show.

Who else watches reality shows? Are they a waste of time?

I honestly look forward to this time of the year so that I can watch the next season of Bondi Rescue.


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