Pretty Pearls

Who likes pearls?  I do!  They are classy and come in so many different sizes, colours and jewellery styles.

Recently I was invited to collaborate with Pearl and Clasp.  An online jewellery retailer located in New York specialising in pearl restringing, unique pearl clasps and quality pearl jewellery.

Pearls are classic, they are the perfect fashion accessory.    They are classy and can be in so many different styles.  There are the more classic/old fashioned looks and then there are the more trendy styles.

The earrings I was given were a pair of drop earrings, called Pearl Chain Earrings.  One of the best things about these earrings is that  the clasp is a stud, instead of a little hook (which is what you often see on drop earrings).

The earrings are made out of white Freshwater Pearls.  The stone in the stud is ‘cubic zirconium’.

Pearl and Clasp earrings


Pearl and ClaspPearl and Clasp

As you can see these earrings are delightful.  They are delicate and are very classic.  I wore them for a few hours today to see how heavy they are and I am pleased to announce that they are not heavy at all! This means that you can wear them for a long time without getting the feeling of pulled earlobes.

I can’t wait until the next time I go out because I will definitely wear these earrings!

I really suggest going to their website to have a look at their pearl products.   They have a variety of products at a variety of prices!

I know I will visit their online shop because pearls are suitable for all occasions and outfits.

If you would like the earrings that I was sent, click here.

To go to their website click here.

Who else likes pearls?

Like Jacqui Kennedy said:

“Pearls are always appropriate”


8 thoughts on “Pretty Pearls

    1. Thank you 🙂 I finally got my hair cut a few days ago, after trying to decide whether or not to grow my hair out! Pearls are beautiful – I do like diamonds, but pearls are so classy and go with everything!
      Thanks for your kind comments. I’ll check out your post now! 🙂

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  1. Pearls ain’t really my thing… One my grandfather gave my a full pearled necklace and I haven’t wore it yet… Nevertheless, they suit you very well!

    Also, I wanted to make a massive call to all the bloggers in my network, because Nina Ricci’s new perfume “L’Extase” has been censored by Facebook and Google.

    Share ‪#‎liberateyourfantasies‬, comment it, help L’Extase video ad become viral, and you will be helping not just a Fashion brand, but also the whole group of modern women that want to liberate any fantasy without being restrain.

    More details in my post:

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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