Dita Von Teese Vintage Style

Dita Von Teese is one of my fashion inspirations.  She has amazing fashion sense (I wish I had her clothes) and always looks so well presented.

I have enjoyed watching the snippets of L.A. Frock Stars with Dita in them.  She has great knowledge of vintage pieces.

I think it’s great that Dita is able to talk about vintage clothing in a knowledgeable way.  One of the best things about loving vintage clothing is knowing the era of the clothing.  That is why I love vintage – the history behind the pieces is intriguing.  It makes me wonder who owned the clothes before me.

Something I like about Dita is that she is dedicated to vintage.  She can always be seen wearing something that is true vintage or vintage inspired.  Her Red Carpet looks are always classy and her street fashion is gorgeous too!


Vintage Dior


I think Dita is one of those people who just pulls off the head to toe vintage look really well.  She always seems to have her hair styled, she always has classic red lip (even if she is just going to the shops) and is always dressed impeccably.

She claims:

“On a normal day, I usually wear ballet flats paired with fit-and-flare 50s style dresses, or I pair a sweater or blouse with a slim skirt or capri pants. I also have lots of slim cardigan sweaters in neutral shades. Think Audrey Hepburn — you can’t go wrong with using her casual style as a model for being elegant!”

Who else admires Dita’s fashion sense?

Dita Von Teese Style

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