Pinterest Style Inspiration

Being a fashion and style obsessed person, I spend a lot of time looking at Pinterest for inspiration.  Pinterest is great for those days when you feel like you have nothing in your wardrobe (which often is not the case).  It is also great to help you think of other ways that you can style your outfits.  It’s always good to bring change and to try different things in fashion and style.

I have found 6 amazing Pinterest boards dedicated to fashion and style:



I like this board because it showcases a variety of styles.




Although this is a smaller board there are some really cool clothes on here!




This board is full of different styles and fashion.  It is amazing!  I really suggest going to look at it!




The above board is probably the best one for me.  As a vintage lover I try to create vintage looks with modern aspects.



Vintage Turned Modern is an awesome board to follow.  There are so many cute vintage looks with the modern twist which is what I love!




Another board that is perfect for me.  I love the way that the outfits are styled.


Which one is your favourite board?

Do you have any favourite boards/pinners?

If so, feel free to leave the names in the comment section so I can check them out!


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