My internet connection is crawling today.  Pretty much at snails pace!

It’s like I’m back on dial up again.

Those were the day.  Not able to connect because mum was on the phone.  Or even worse, just connecting and then mum needed to use the phone.

We are so lucky that we don’t need dial up anymore!

Maybe my brother has been watching too much netflix (it has finally arrived in NZ).

But, I have finally managed to get onto a self hosted platform.

I’m using a different host this time.  The last one made me loose all my followers, which obviously was quite upsetting (tbh, I cried…all my hard earned followers -gone! in an instant).

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.  My mum has book club at our house (yes, I’m 24 and yes, I am living at home).  Living at home has its benefits.  I also get on very well with my parents.  I do own a tiny little house (I call it the bach because it is like a small NZ style holiday home).  I’m getting work done on it and then I’ll be renting it out because I need to save for my OE next year.

I have gone off track.

Peace out


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