5 Reasons Why I Love The Midi Skirt

Top 5 reasons why I love the Midi skirt:

1)  They are perfect for work.

I like wearing longer skirts to work and midi is really suitable for my workplace.  I am a teacher, so it isn’t the best idea to wear mini skirts.

2) They come in so many different designs.


I really like the circle skirts that are below the knee.

the midi skirt

I also like the 50s style midi.

the midi skirt

3)  They come in a variety of colours and designs.

I really like midis with flower prints.  That is what I am on the look out for at the moment!

the midi skirt

They also look really good in Summer, Spring and even Autumn.

In Winter I tend to wear more block colours eg plain black, naxy, green, red.

I’m currently looking for a black leather midi skirt.

4)  Midi skirts are suitable for all seasons.

In Summer/Spring/Autumn I like this kind of look:

the midi skirt

And in Winter I like to wear them with stockings and boots.

the midi skirt

5)  They are practical.

In the sense that they can be worn to work, going out, relaxing.

the midi skirt

They are the perfect ‘everyday’ skirt.

Who else likes the midi skirt?

Please follow 🙂

Thanks for reading!

P.S These pictures don’t belong to me.  Click on pictures to take you to links!


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