5 Must Have Earrings For Spring/Summer 2015

As everyone knows, a huge fashion trend at the moment is the 70s.

I have had a look around for seventies style earrings (both my own and ones I have found online).

I love wearing earrings with my pixie cut.  They look really effective and they stand out really well.

1)  Embroidery thread earrings.

This pair of earrings are new.  I bought them last year at an Indian shop on K-Road in Auckland City.  I can’t remember the name of the shop.

I think they look really 70s because of the style and shape of the earring.  They bring that sort of look that the 70s were popular for.


2) Kissing Couple.

These earrings are true vintage from the 70s.  They were my mums.

These earrings were really popular in the 70s.  They are cute and classic.  They look great with a vintage dress.  They are one of my favourite pairs of earrings.


3) Modcloth – Flawless Favourite Earrings

Modcloth – Flawless favourite earrings









These remind me of seventies style earrings.  The shape of them looks similar to some I have seen in photos from the 70s.  The turquoise colour was also very popular in accessories at that time.

4) Modcloth – Ever Eclectic Earrings

earrings 3
Modcloth – Ever Eclectic Earrings









The beaded look is very festival.  It looks like something someone from the 70s would wear.  I can just imagine these earrings with a long flowing skirt and crop top with a light scarf round the neck.  So cool!  I love these earrings!


5) Modcloth – On Point Earrings

earrings 2
Modcloth – On Point Earrings









I really like the simplicity of these earrings.  Like the others, I have seen ones like this in photos from the 70s.  These ones are much more minimalistic than the last two.  I love these ones and have put them on my wishlist at modcloth.com.



There are so many different styles of earrings.  It was hard to choose my top 5.

This is one extra:



What are your favourite earrings?


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Thanks for reading x


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