Super Skinny – France takes a stand

There’s a difference between skinny and super skinny.   It is astounding to see girls who are very skinny (possibly anorexic) being runway models. They are not only promoting clothes, they are also promoting the ‘ideal body shape’ as seen by young girls.  These models show young, naive girls (and boys) that the only body shape that is desirable is the super skinny one.

I am skinny, but the difference with me is that it is natural.  I don’t diet and stop eating to get my desired weight.  I have fast metabolism (which I know won’t last forever) and it’s in my genes to be skinny!

I think that it is great that France has taken a stand to show the world that these views need to come to an end.   It is a way to clamp down on Anorexia and hold agencies and management accountable for the health and well-being for their models.   Spain, Italy and Israel already have a bill that does not allow models to have a BMI less than 18.5 in order to take part in catwalks etc.

However, according to, the use of BMI ” is notoriously controversial. The measurement is calculated based on weight and height alone, and critics argue that it doesn’t account for differences in muscle and body types, and can’t determine if someone is naturally thin or actually suffering from an eating disorder”.

Anorexia and Bulimia are dangerous illnesses and there needs to be more awareness made over them.  Too many people are still in the mindset that Anorexia and Bulimia are plans devised by girls (and guys) to generate attention.  People who suffer from these illnesses are genuinely unwell and need all the help they can get (although it can be hard to get them help as they do not admit that they need help or that they are sick).  No person in their right mind would put their bodies, health and mind through hell to get to the ‘perfect body’.

My Aunt was anorexic from the age of 16 until she passed away at about 36.  She never got better.  I don’t remember her for who she was before, because the only Aunty Janet I knew was the super skinny one.  I remember that she loved to bake, but she never ate her baking as she would just disappear when food was being consumed.  I was able to fit her clothes when I was ten (and I was a very skinny ten year old).   How is it normal that women are so skinny that they fit clothes for ten year olds?

There needs to be a healthy mix of body shapes on the catwalk.  Showing only one body type is not ok.  I recently watched an old episode of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model, and one girl was pretty much told that her boobs were too big and that she is too curvy, simply because she wouldn’t fit into the sample size.  It was funny, because to me she looked normal.

Of course there are naturally skinny models and I am in no way saying that all those skinny models are anorexic, I’m just stating that there needs to be a change in the way that women’s bodies are viewed.  Their job is to sell clothes and all to often it is presumed that clothes only look good on skinny people.

There are so many body shapes.  There is no ‘right one’. Body shaming is not ok.  There are a lot of people who say to curvier women that they are overweight.  There are also curvier people who body shame skinny people too – e.g. saying that skinny isn’t normal and that real women are curvy.    But is body shaming the way to go? I think that it needs to stop.  People close to me have made me feel bad about my body shape.  Some friends at high school said to me that I ‘must be anorexic and that I need to eat a pie’.


The above picture is an interesting piece of body shaming.  I think men go for what they like in a women.


We need more body positivity in the world and less body negativity:

bodies are good bodies

size healthy

Body shaming doesn’t just stop with women. Men are body shamed for being too skinny, too muscular, too short.  Unfortunately the internet is taken up with women body shaming pictures, so I couldn’t find any pictures of men being body shamed.  Why are women so nasty about/towards  each other?

What do you think about France banning super skinny models?

Do you think there needs to be a variety of body shapes on the catwalks and in modelling campaigns?

What are your thoughts on body shaming? Have you ever been body shamed?

body shape



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