Six Reasons Why Easter Rocks

I apologise if I am writing too many lists.  I love lists.  It’s my thing – I write list after list after list and now, I thought I’d put them up on here.  Normally I write them in a little book, but internet here I come!

Also, I know that Easter isn’t all about chocolate.

1)  You can eat as much chocolate as you like!  No one is judging you.

2)  You can keep your chocolate stashed away for a LONG after Easter time and each time you bring it out, you don’t feel bad for eating chocolate.  It’s from Easter so it doesn’t count.

3)  You spend time with family.  Or friends.   Everything is shut here, so you can’t really go out and spend your weekend how you normally spend it.   But, family time is so important.  Of course I still get the questions like: ‘Any potential boyfriends on the horizon?’.

4)  You have the potential to eat a lot of food that is special to you and your family.   In my family we normally have pancakes or waffles.  I also enjoy Krentenbollen – which are Dutch –  they are pretty much the Dutch answer to Hot Cross Buns, but so much better!  I haven’t had them for a long time.  I bought some at New World Supermarket the other day but they were not the same – they were dry and yucky.

5)  It’s a long weekend.  That means no work on Monday or Friday!  A lot of people go away over the weekend for their last Hurrah before winter sets in.  This year, our Easter is at the beginning of our school term break.  So that means I have two weeks off from teaching!

6)  You can do fun Easter activities with your children (or in my case students).  We made little Easter baskets out of paper and then at lunch time I filled them up with Easter eggs.  They were so excited when they got back inside.


I know that not every religion celebrates Easter.

This is from a  non practising Christian’s point of view.   I haven’t been to church in many years.


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