Hair Care

Hi everyone.  If you are able to, could you click onto my blog and then let me know what background you see?  If it’s sequins that’s my self hosted one and if it is normal it is not my self hosted one.  I just am so lost and I have no idea what on earth is going on.  I’m really disappointed because I had a really good following and then everything went kaput.

Anyway, this post is about the importance of using hair care products.

It is so important to use a heat protection spray when using a hair straightener or hair dryer.  I like to use a heat protect styling spray by VO5 when I use a hair dryer.


This spray stops my hair from going frizzy and also keeps it in style.  It protects my hair from getting heat damage.

I have very fine hair, so my hair is prone to split ends, heat damage and frizziness if I don’t use the proper products when styling using heated items.

Normally I don’t use a lot of products in my hair to style it when it is dry.  This is because my hair is so  fine that the product just makes my hair look greasy.

I only use a little bit of hairspray if I need to puff my hair up a bit – my hair does have a habit of falling flat.  I spray hairspray onto my hands and rub my hands together and then use my hairspray hands to puff my hair up!  it does the job and also holds the style.  That is if it isn’t too windy!

What are your favourite products to use on your hair?


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