5 Reasons Why Boyfriend Jeans Rock

Boyfriend jeans are awesome.  They are the perfect mix of casual cool.

Here is a list of why boyfriend jeans are awesome:

1) They look great with a white t-shirt or button up.  This creates a casual look that, paired with heels, makes it the perfect outfit for going shopping, casual Friday or meeting up with friends for after work drinks.

2) They look cute with black heels.  If you want to dress your boyfriend jeans up a little, you can pair them with black heels and a boyfriend (or other type) blazer.

3) Boyfriend Jeans look great with a swing coat or duster jacket.  Camel or light colour coats look fantastic with boyfriend jeans.  I really like the style that this combination creates.  It is a casual dressy look that is perfect for going out.

4)  They are comfortable.  No more restricting waistline, no more uncomfortably tight jeans.  These are the perfect jeans for relaxing in.  I love wearing them to the movies because I don’t feel uncomfortable and they are not restricting.

5)  They are the perfect relaxing jeans that given the right accessories can look dressy.  They can be dressed up or down.

I use lists like these for shopping.  If I know I need to buy a new item I think about the reasons why they are suitable!


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