Vintage Chanel Fashion Shows

When I was trawling through youtube this afternoon, I found these vintage Chanel fashion shows..

Vintage Chanel Fashion Shows

The shows range from the 30s to 80s.  it is so interesting to see the changes in fashion.  A lot of the early ones seem to be skirt suits and dresses etc and later on you see more pants/trousers and clothes typical of each era.

This is an interesting talk from Justine Picardie who wrote a biography on Coco Chanel:

Chanel is something I dream of wearing.  The clothes, shoes, bags, everything is beautiful and so well made and designed.  I love Chanel perfume, in particular Chanel No 19 (which is also my mums favourite perfume!).

What item would you rather have:

Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions

-Coco Chanel

Have a look at my post about fashion shows: 1920s to today.

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