My Favourite Coats/Jackets For Spring/Autumn

Spring and Autumn are those in-between seasons.  Those seasons when it can be hard to decide what to wear.

In the morning it can be chilly, but it heats up throughout the day.

I like to throw on a coat or jacket to keep myself warm in the morning (and evening).  During these seasons I tend to keep wearing dresses, shorts, skirts etc with sandals or flats, so it is important that the jackets/coats don’t look too heavy and wintery.

Here are my top 5 favourites:

1) Vero Moda Lace and Chain crop jacket with 3/4 Sleeves.

This one is so cute! I love to wear this with my vintage dresses and skirts.  I love how it has the chain detail.

Vero Moda Lace Jacket

2) Vero Moda Boyfriend Blazer. 

Sorry for the bad quality photo.  I like wearing blazers with dresses.  I have another black blazer which is shorter and more fitted than this one.

Vero Moda Blazer

3)  Glamorous Denim Jacket. 

I love this one because of the Aztec style bit at the top.   This suits almost all my dresses and skirts.

Denim Jacket

4)  Glassons Black Leather Jacket.

This is an old favourite of mine.  It is about 4-5 years old and it is really a staple of my wardrobe.  I wear it in Spring/Autumn and Winter.  It is very versatile.  I like pairing leather jackets with vintage dresses.

Black Leather Jacket

5) Glassons Quilted 3/4 Sleeve Jacket.

This reminds me of Chinese quilted jackets.

I normally wear this with skinny jeans and boots or flats.

I love the pattern on it and it is perfect for Spring or Autumn mornings/evenings.

Quilted jacket

End note:

Jackets and Coats are a fun way of livening up an outfit.  It is great to mix and match styles!

I seem to have a lot of clothes from Glassons and Vero Moda.   I tend to buy items that will match well with my other clothes.  I also always check their quality eg how much polyester etc.


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