Ugg Boots – Hot or not?

Back in 2005, Ugg Boots were very popular.  It seemed like everywhere I went I saw Ugg Boots.  The uniform was denim miniskirt, uggs and tight v-neck top.  I remember seeing my one of my cousins once (for the first time in ages) and she was wearing a pair of extremely fluffy, ugly pink uggs.

Very similar to these ones:


I never really liked Uggs.  They just remind me of slippers.  They are ok for slippers, but I don’t think I’d ever wear them outside.  They just aren’t suitable in rainy weather, because wouldn’t they get all wet and cold?


Also, I don’t really think that these are appropriate footwear for working environments like offices etc.

What do you think?  Ugg boots yay or nay?


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