Pre-Ripped Jeans

I am  a guilty owner of pre-ripped jeans.  I always said ‘no’ to them, but I found a pair that I really like and in the style I like too!  To be completely honest, when I went jean shopping I wasn’t looking for pre-ripped jeans.  I was looking for normal jeans.  However, it was so hard to actually find a pair in the style I like with no rips.  Every shop I went into had pre-ripped jeans and nothing else.

Finally, I went for the ones without too many tears and rips.


There are still quite a few rips though, and I don’t think I’d ever wear them to work.  For me these are my comfy, relaxing jeans for the Weekend.

I think that jeans that are too ripped aren’t really worth the $.  Wouldn’t you get cold legs?

Why would you spend money on a pair of jeans that are missing half the front?
She might as well be wearing shorts!

I really don’t mind ripped jeans if they look like this:
Found on pinterest

I think that they look a little bit more natural and not overdone.  Not obviously ripped to make a fashion statement.

What are your thoughts on pre-ripped or distressed jeans?


3 thoughts on “Pre-Ripped Jeans

  1. I agree completely! Why pay more money for less fabric? And fabric that’s ripped? Distressed and full blown tears and rips and holes are different. At least I think so!

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    1. Haha, I reckon! I wore the ripped jeans and got cold knees and every time I put them on my feet get stuck in the holes and I rip them even more. Yeah, I think distressed and ripped are different. I think I prefer distressed to actual holes or rips.

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  2. Let’s face it.., ripped jeans are hard to wear; if the rips and tears are too much, it looks cheap and ‘try hard’.
    Yo look good in your ripped jeans, as the tears are in ‘small does’ so it’s cool without over doing it! (plus you don’t suffer from the cold leg!) 🙂
    Well done!


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