How To Cover Your Brows Using Soap + Clara Bow Brows.

I have always wanted to try Marlene Dietrich style brows.  Also 1920s style.  And me, being someone who hates plucking my eyebrows (as I prefer them thicker), found this incredibly hard.

I had the bright idea to google this and I actually came across a whole lot of Drag Queen tutorials on how to do this.  However, the majority of them use glue sticks.  I’m not comfortable using glue on my face (and I don’t want to pull my eyebrows out by accident).  So I youtubed ‘how to cover your eyebrows’ and I found this one using soap:

I pretty much followed the tutorial above.

1) Use eyelid brush and wet soap to cover brows.

2) Cover with powder.

3) Use foundation and concealer (I found concealer works best).

4) Cover with matte foundation powder and loose powder.

5) Keep coating with concealer and powders until covered.

6) Draw on using eyebrow pencil or liquid eyeliner.

I tried this and I’m not really sure about the result.

I actually found this really hard and it took me maybe two hours to get good coverage of my brows.  Then applying the foundation took awhile and I used up almost all my matte powder foundation and covergirl powder.

I attempted a Clara Bow look.  It didn’t really work because my brows weren’t covered properly so I could draw them as low as hers were.  I think they turned out more Marlene Dietrich style.

I chucked on a dress (sewn by me – it’s actually a 60s mod dress that is supposed to go with a belt, but I didn’t put the belt on to give it that loose 20s look), a leopard print head scarf (that I never normally wear) and my t-bar heels.  Forgot to put on a strand of pearls though 😥

Clara Bow – from Pinterest


Photos in black and white to preserve the vintageness of this post.

Personally, I think I look really strange and I don’t think I’ll try this again unless I’m going to a 1920s themed birthday.

A friend said I should pluck my brows like this…I think not.


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