How to Buy Less and Choose Well = For Beginners

“Buy Less, choose well” (Vivienne Westwood) is one of my favourite quotes.  I think everyone is guilty of over shopping at times and it is hard not to shop.  Sometimes it does feel like you have nothing to wear and that there is nothing in your wardrobe that you want to wear!

I am guilty of over shopping.  It is so easy to think “oh! These jeans are a slightly different shape to my other blue skinny jeans…I’ll get these!”.

I am trying to buy less by looking for classics.  Classics are expensive but worth every cent spent on them.

A favourite classic of mine are pants – especially cropped pants (like the 50s style or like my ASOS pants as seen in this post here).

Classics go well with many other clothes and accessories.  For me they tend to be more low key so that I can match other kinds of interesting accessories or clothes with them.


1) If I see something I like, I admire it and then check the price tag…it should be the other way around.  If it is good quality and (hopefully) not made in a sweatshop, I will get it.  For example, if I had the choice between Made in China (which is generally cheaper) and Made in New Zealand, USA etc…(which is usually more expensive), I would choose the Made in NZ option. 


They are usually better quality and probably made well.

2) Do I have something I can wear this item with?  I don’t see any use of buying something that won’t suit multiple items in my wardrobe.  It gets boring wearing the same top with the same pants all the time.   I know it is so tempting to buy something you love and it is like leaving your cat in a cattery – it’s sad leaving it behind.

3) I really like this top, but it only comes in pastels.  Should I get it?

Don’t buy something just because you like it – look for colours that suit you and your skin tone.  If pastel yellow is really popular and it doesn’t suit you, just leave it!

Some famous people who have worn classics are:

Audrey Hepburn (the fashionista inspiration of my life):

Audrey Hepburn
Off Pinterest

Audrey shows how a simple dress can be amped up with a waist cinching belt, black heels and bag and a beret.  Simple, but classic.

Audrey Hepburn
From Huffington Post

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

From Pinterest
From Pinterest

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