How To: Cleopatra Makeup Attempt

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She was amazing as Cleopatra and I just LOVE this look:

For this look the drama is all in the eyes.  I’m not the best makeup artist, so everything I do is so that I can practise and get better and better!

This was a pretty simple look to create:

Step 1:

Outline the shape of the ‘flick’ using a eyeliner pencil. You want the top of the ‘flick’ to be at the end of the eyebrow (if your eyebrows are shorter you can lengthen them using an eyebrow pencil) and the end of the ‘flick’ needs to be angled down about a centimetre away from the top.

The flicky bit is thinner closer to the eye and gets wider at the eyebrow.

Step 2:

Go over the line using a liquid liner.

Step 3:

Use liquid liner to outline the whole eye.  For me, I never line the inside line of the eye (not sure what it’s called) because I am trying to prevent wrinkles.

Step 4:

Colour in the ‘flick’ with the liquid liner.

Step 5:

Use two different blues – light blue and a slightly darker blue.

Cover the whole lid right up to the eyebrow with the blue colours.  I simply mixed the colours together.

Colour in the flick
Blue colours I used.
What I used

Hope you all like this.  Makeup recreations are my favourite – such a great way to experiment with makeup.


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