Maybelline Color Drama Review

Yesterday I bought a Lip pencil called Maybelline Color Drama.  I was looking for a lipstick that lasts longer but I found this lip pencil that I decided to get instead!

Maybelline Color Drama:

This lip pencil is glossier than lipstick and is also very easy to apply.  A great thing with it is that you can line the lips and then colour the lips in carefully.

It is like magic – easy to apply, lasts well and is a beautiful colour.  The colour is Red Essentials and is redder than what I would normally wear, but it is so dramatic!

Here is a picture:


I took this next photo about half an hour after applying the lipstick.  I wanted to see how long it’s last for before starting to wear off.  It has only smudged a little bit at one of the sides.

Maybelline Color Drama
Maybelline Color Drama

The only issue with these lip pencils is how they are tricky to take off.  I had to use wet tissues, facial cleanser (as it got onto my skin around my lips) and then some more water and a flannel.

There might be an easier way to get it off.  If there is, let me know!

I think I’ll buy another one of these in a pale pink colour!  I have a lot of red lipsticks already and I think a pale pink will be perfect.  There was also a darker brown colour that I might get too.

They were only $9.99 on special at The Warehouse!

Do you have a favourite lip product that you love?

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