What I Wore Today

Today has been a blustery, humid day.  Cyclone Pam is passing by the East Coast of NZ and is hitting the Northern part of the North Island.  I live in Auckland, so we are just having a bit of wind and rain today and tomorrow as well, according to Metservice!

My thoughts are with the people of Vanuatu.  Cyclones are scary things and a lot of the people in Vanuatu live in huts made of corrugated iron and wood.  Many people there have now lost their homes.

I’m so glad that the Cyclone isn’t really that bad here in Auckland.  It’s apparently supposed to be bad further up North above Whangaparaoa, but still not as bad as in Vanuatu.

Here’s what I wore today:


I wore:

Boyfriend Jeans (Dotti) – first time I’ve worn jeans in four months!

Heart Singlet Top (See You Soon)

Cardi (Glassons) – also first time I’ve worn a cardi in four months.

Silver with black top cap flats (Steve Madden).

A comfy outfit for visiting the library today! Now I’m back home, relaxing and eating a Kit Kat.


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