The 70s Look In 2015

The 70s look has been very popular in this years FW Fashion Shows.  The 70s is an era that I have never really liked.  Yes, I like flared jeans, fringed coats and other fashionable items, but from what I have been told:

If you lived through the 70s, you would have no idea why the 70s look is coming back into fashion.

My Mum and Dad remember the 70s pretty well.  They grew up during that time and whilst they dressed pretty normally, they said that the abundance of men showing off their hairy chests (in low buttoned tops) and women strutting round in jeans so high and tight around certain areas that they caused severe camel toe, has put them off even thinking about wearing clothes that are reminiscent of that era.

However, looking at the photos from the fashion shows, I have to admit, the clothes are pretty low-key compared to what people in the 70s wore.  Now, I’m not saying that everyone wore pants so flared that they were wider than their shoulders.  My Mum and Dad said that most people dressed normally and only the real ‘hipsters’ of the 70s would dress to the extreme.  According to my research on google, most people who wore extreme 70s fashions were the celebrities during eg concerts, daily life and events like Movie premieres.

This raises my question:

Why has the 70s suddenly become so popular?

Is it because it’s perceived as ‘romantic’ or ‘edgy’, or maybe even a nostalgic look?

According to Louise Wood in the post Perceptions Of Female Beauty In The 20th Centuryshoes were a major problem that resulted in many sprained ankles:

The popularity of platform soles in the mid-70s resulted in thousands of sprained ankles in the name of fashion, a performance that was repeated two decades later by the daughters of 70s fashion victims.

While the flared pants were very popular in the early 70s, but the time the late 70s arrived, many people were moving towards a more slimline look – as inspired by the early Punk-rock movement.

But still, why is the 70s look so popular?

I really don’t know the answer, but I do know that fringed jackets rock and flared jeans are a must-have this season.

And some of the shoes from the fashion shows look 70s inspired too.

From Pinterest

These boots are reminiscent of the 70s.

Best 70s inspired looks from street style during the fashion shows:

54bc23e5b73f8_-_hbz-fringe-2-mfw-ss2015-street-style-day1-16-lg hbz-street-style-mfw-fw2015-day5-04

Great looks – not too much all at once!

Tell me your thoughts:

Do you like the 70s inspired collections? The 70s look that may or may not be popular this year?


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