Fur Or Faux

I like fur – but only Faux fur.  I think that real fur is only ok if it is a vintage piece.  The reason for this is because vintage fur coats etc were created before it was seen to be a disgusting way to treat/kill animals.  But in saying that, I have not got any real fur products..only faux fur (a gorgeous 1970s faux fur short coat that I CAN’T wait to wear this year).

But, I found these looks from the FW Fashion Shows.  They have fur or bits that look like fur on them.

Louis Vuitton
Sonia Rykiel
Dries van Noten

What do you think about the use of real fur? Is it ok?  If animals that are pests are being used to supply the fur (these days), is it ok?  Or do you think that it is disgusting that these animals are being killed for a fashion accessory.


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