Red and Gold

Red and gold are my favourite Autumn colours.

They really represent the change of season!

Here’s one of my favourite Autumn looks:

Autumn ootd

Sorry, the photo has turned out a bit fuzzy.  I would have taken a photo of this on me, but my photographer has gone out.

Hong Kong Bag

This is one of my favourite bags.  I bought it in Hong Kong at the Ladies Market.

It’s handmade and hand painted, so it is very precious.  I like how it matches this dress in terms of the colour.

owl material print

This is the pattern that is on the dress.  I bought it in Domburg, Netherlands last year with my mum’s cousin.  I fell in love with it when I saw it and it is made in England.  The label on it says ‘Purplish – London’.

Sachi golden sandals

These are a new pair of rose gold sandals.  I bought them a couple of weeks ago at the Smith and Caughery End of Summer Sale.  $100 was knocked off the price. They are from the Sachi brand.

I like how the colours go together and create an Autumnal look.  Normally I wear the dress with brown gladiators, but I decided to change the look today!


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