My Nail Polish Pick: Week 2

I love nail polish.  I used to have so many different colours and choices, but I threw out a lot of them because it was getting to the point that I had to dedicate a shelf of my book case to nail polish.

Nowadays I buy brands that are reliable and don’t chip as quickly as dollar store polishes.  When I was a poor student, I used to just buy cheap nail polish.  It was not good because it chipped so quickly.

This week my Nail Polish is Revlon 261 ‘Sparkling’.

It is a very light tint – mainly a clear, slightly pink, colour with sparkles in it.


This polish would look good over block colour e.g. red or pink (if you get what I mean), or you can simply wear as is.

I really like how delicate it looks and how simple it looks without having a block colour underneath.


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