My Autumn Picks

Autumn is a time to start layering.  It is getting cooler (well, not at the moment, but soon!).

A lot of the time my clothes can also transition into my Winter outfits.  So my wardrobe has many items that cater to Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn.  It’s perfect!

This year I have a few items that I would love to have for my Autumn wardrobe.

Here are my favourite picks:

I chose the button ups to go with my new boyfriend jeans.  I really like the white button up with boyfriend jean look – especially paired with a nice pair of black, white or nude heels.  It instantly makes it casual/dressy!
I own a few midi-skirts already, but I really like this tan coloured one.  It is the perfect colour that will also fit in with my winter wardrobe.  I can see this matching well with a lot of clothes in my wardrobe!
I would love to get a pair of nude heels because it is nice to have a different colour heel! I have many pairs of black heels.  This will go well with the above choices.
The black crop will go nicely with the midi skirt, jeans and new heels.
The long cardigan will be the perfect item for layering.  It will be great for those chilly mornings and evenings.  It is either this or a kimono – hard for me to choose!
The boyfriend duster jacket is an item I have been watching for a LONG time.  I have decided to choose a grey one, because I have so many black clothes.  It’ll be nice to have a neutral colour that can go with many other items!
Tell me what you think of these picks! xx


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