Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial

Lauren Bacall was a beautiful woman.  She always looked well put together.

Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial

I usually do my makeup in a 1940s look – understated but classy (well, I think so).

I have always looked up to Lauren Bacall – she was very outspoken and stood her ground.

Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial
Lauren Bacall

One of Bacall’s stand out features were her strong brows.  Shape or pluck them to create the defined shape and arch.

Lauren Bacall kept her eyes natural – with perhaps a little mascara and shadow – and had bold lips.

I am attempting her look today.  Hopefully it works out!

Materials you will probably need:

Mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow (natural skin colour), lipstick (classic red or a colour of your choice), blush, eyebrow brush, vaseline or lip gloss, lip balm, clear mascara.

Lauren Bacall Makeup Routine Steps:

1) Put on foundation, concealer or use a cover stick to cover any blemishes or dark circles to even out your skin tone.  Personally I just use a cover stick because I don’t like putting foundation on.

2) Brush your eyebrows into the desired shape (alternatively you can pluck them).  You can make your brows thicker or longer using eyeliner pencil or brow pencil.  Use clear mascara to keep the eyebrows in place.

3) Put a small amount of skin colour eyeshadow on (this can be either a beige, brown or a colour similar to your skin colour).  Brush a bit of darker shadow on the crease of your eyelid and on your upper lash line to define your eyes a little bit.

4) Brush on a coat of mascara.  Line eyes with a tiny, tiny bit of eyeliner (optional).

5) Grab your blusher and put on a bit over your check bones.  Use a darker colour to make your check bones stand out.  Alternatively, just use the standard pink.

6) Put lip balm on to make your lips soft.  Wait a few minutes before putting on the lipstick, so that the balm can soak in.

7) Use a lip liner, or just your lipstick, to line your lips.  Fill in with lipstick of your choice.


Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial
Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial
Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial
Lauren Bacall Makeup Tutorial


I absoloutely love how Lauren Bacall’s look is timeless.  It really is understated, classy and elegant.

If you want to see my 1960s makeup routine click here.

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