I’m a Rock Star Or Rock Fashion Look.

I was going to go out tonight.  I got all dressed up, did my makeup.  Then I decided that I still felt too sick to go out.  Cancel plans, hopped into bed and now I am writing this.

I have the most terrible cough, and I thought that it wouldn’t be any fun if I was coughing and sneezing over my friends all night.

So, I decided to take some photos (digital camera on timer…’hello!!’) and put them up on here.

I wanted to go for a rock/comfy look tonight.  So, lacy skirt and top with my new cutout boots.  Would be comfy for dancing.

Here ya go:

makeup of the day

rock star look


Skirt = from Girls on Film (bought on Asos).

Tshirt = from Jayjays

Boots = New Look


Lipstick – two colours blended together – Revlon (can’t remember the name – but it’s a browny colour) and a MAC bright red colour.

Eyeliner – Maybelline Liquid Liner.

Eyeshadow – blend of MAC colours with a touch of glittery eyeshadow for extra coolness (don’t worry, not body glitter).

Madonna was kind of my inspo for this look:

From Pinterest -not my photo – couldn’t find one without the writing on it.

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