How To Create Cupid’s Bow Lips – Simple Tutorial

This is a mini tutorial on how to get your lips to look like a Cupid’s Bow!  I love this look.  It is so 20s!  The 1920s was a very defining moment for feminism (in terms of what women were allowed to wear and how they could wear their makeup, as I believe before this time, many women who wore makeup were thought to have been prostitutes – however, I may be wrong!).

I have made this as simple as possible.  I am not a great makeup/beauty guru, but I love to learn new things.  So I always look around for tutorials, be it on youtube, google or on other blogs and try to make them easier!  That way any Joe Bloggs (or, in this case, Joanna Bloggs) can try this look.  Because I don’t own a huge amount of beauty products ie brushes, foundations, concealers etc, I have to work out how I can create looks without these certain products.  I don’t like putting a huge amount of foundation on my skin because my skin doesn’t like being smothered in makeup!

So, here goes:

1)  Optional:  Use a ‘pancake’ like foundation to cover your lips (this is optional, because it is actually kind of disgusting – it made my lips all dry and gross).

2) Top lip: Draw a line using either the tip of your lipstick (if it is new.  If it isn’t you can use a lipstick brush) or a lip liner to create the outline of the cupid’s bow.  You want it to start inside your actual lip (so not on the actual lip line, below it).  The corner of your top lip should be narrower than usual.  On the top lip exaggerate the ‘bow’ so it goes onto your skin.

3) The bottom lip is to be smaller than the top lip but exaggerated.  Go onto the skin below the bottom lip to make it rounder.

See photos to get a better understanding – it is really tricky to explain.

This is actually a really cool look for a dress up party or going out.  It’s so fetch.

IMG_3474 IMG_3475

Black and white photos to give it a more old fashioned look!


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