How to Shape Your Eyebrows In 3 Easy Steps

Prepare for some really bad photos! No, really, I look like I have caveman brows.

I finally decided to reshape my eyebrows today.  I have written a post before about eyebrows called Eyebrows – Facial Feature Favourite, but today I thought I’d tell you all how I shape my eyebrows.

So, I mentioned in the other Eyebrow post how I shape them, but I thought that it deserves photos.  So here goes:

1st step:

Grab an eyeliner pencil and draw the desired shape around your brow.


2nd Step:

Pluck out hairs that are underneath the lines.  The lines are there to guide you so that you don’t over pluck.

3rd Step:

Wash off eyeliner and ‘tada’ newly shaped brows.


I apologise for my really creepy looking eye.. It never knows where to look when I take a selfie.

Personally I prefer thicker eyebrows, especially for my face shape and facial features. The reason why I started using eyeliner to shape my brows was because of the many bad mistakes I made in the past.  From too short, to too thin…


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