How To Buy Vintage

It is so important that when you buy Vintage clothing and shoes, you buy QUALITY Vintage.  That is capitalized because by quality I mean items you can use, wear or show on a daily basis.

I made myself a little checklist for when I buy Vintage:

Katey’s Vintage Checklist:

1) Read the listing (if it is on ebay) very carefully.

2) Check for any flaws – is it wearable.  Will that stain really come out?

3) Check the measurements (especially if buying online).

4) Is the item True Vintage?  True Vintage is usually well made.  HOWEVER, it may be well made but in bad condition.

5) Is the price right?  Quite often people who deal in Vintage Clothing, price the items incredibly high.  Probably more high than what it is worth.  I always look for clothes that are being sold by vintage lovers or if they are of a reasonable price.

6) Check that everything is in working order.  Do the zips work?  Are there any missing buttons (luckily buttons are easily replaceable)?.

7) And last of all:  Do you really need the 1950s, tulle skirt, cocktail dress?  Will you actually wear it?

Some words of wisdom:

Love your clothes, take care of them, wash stains out straight away (or asap).  Fashion rocks. You never know where your clothes will end up in 20, 30, 40 or 50 years time (maybe even 100 years)!


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